Wednesday, November 5, 2014

InVestment Pieces: The Allie Packable and Getaway Quilted Vests

All-Time Classics, Closet Staples, Investment Pieces— call them what you may but there are certain items a Palmette needs in her colorful yet versatile closet. We are always on the Lilly Look-Out for double duty pieces that wear well for Pink Palm work and play. Upon surveying the new Resort shipment, all of the Palmettes agree that it’s about time to invest in an Allie Packable Vest!

While Resort may have brought us utter puffer perfection in the form of the Allie Packable, a few Palmettes were quick to point out that Fall’s most flawless Getaway Quilted is a viable vest contender. How could have we forgotten?! In this post, we'll be comparing the Allie Packable (below on the left) and Getaway Quilted (below on the right) Vests in order to help all of our distressed Palmettes make an educated purchase.

The Allie Packable Vest is the newest outerwear addition to the Resort '14 collection and in our humble opinion, one of the best buys of the season! While this vest has traditional, puffer style quilting, the designers over at LP have updated it with slimming detailing, as the outer seams arch inward to create a more feminine silhouette. Lined in the punchy Fishing for Compliments print, the Allie Packable is as bright and cheery as it is warm and toasty! Filled with a cloud weight combination of 90% Down and 10% Feather, this combination provides a Palmette with 650 Fill Power, ensuring that you'll be sufficiently bundled up (take a look at that THICK collar) without having to sacrifice style.

If all of these features don't have you convinced that this vest is the absolute best, here's what we love most about the Allie Packable-- the interior pocket doubles as a nifty pouch to hold your vest. Yes, you read that correctly. Your vest. The Allie Packable can be packed up promptly and thrown into your Lilly Resort Tote for later use, making it perfect for Palmettes with plans to travel (Hello, Palm Beach Spring Buy!). You'll be through TSA in no time AND wrinkle-free to boot, as the fabric smooths itself out once pulled out of its pouch.

Alright, alright, alright...while this Palmette has clearly swooned over the Allie Packable, we must move on to discuss the former's chic contender, the Getaway Quilted. The Getaway Quilted is the new classic of the Fall '14 collection with that fresh from the paddocks feel. Throw this equestrian-style gilet over a Maria Boatneck top and Worth Skinnies and you have a ensemble appropriate for either a low-key day at the office or Surfside margs with the girls! With luxurious gold hardware at the two outer pockets and sleek zipper overlay, the Getaway Quilted has a double zip, which allows the Palmette a choice in coverage.

Whether a mid-zip or full zip with a buttoned-up collar, this vest is the ultimate in casual-chic. Lined in the Fall '14 Print Favorite, Hot Spot, the Getaway Quilted is a Palmette Pick for our Thanksgiving Day outfit (I know, we're thinking ahead on this one). With an expandable waistband, you can sport both a cinched, tailored fit for family photos and a comfy, relaxed fit after the big feast. Rest assured, you'll be the cutest couch potato this Thanksgiving wearing the Getaway Quilted!