Monday, October 27, 2014

The Buzz on Barbour

As we bid the month of October farewell, we all must begin to accept the undeniable truth that winter is coming. Although we are sad to say goodbye to the mild temperatures the first half of autumn offered us, this seasonal transition has all of the Palmettes pining for the latest and greatest in outerwear. Making its debut to the Pink Palm floors, this brand’s neutral hues of Navy and Olive are in stark contrast to the ever-present pops of Lilly Pulitzer Hotty Pink and Fern Green. If you haven’t already guessed (cross out “Googled”) it, allow us the pleasure of introducing Barbour, a perennial favorite of the equestrian and prep sets.

Hailing from the tony countryside of South Shields, Barbour is a British heritage brand. Spanning five generations, the family-owned and operated business continues to manufacture its classic wax coats alongside oxfords and knitwear, expanding the brand while retaining its mission to produce functional clothing that invokes “grit and glamour.”

Skerne Shirt | $129

Waxed or quilted, tartan or fleece-lined, The Pink Palm has a range of outerwear styles suitable for all types of inclement weather. However, if you’re aiming to sport the most classic of Barbour coats, here are three versatile styles to throw over your Elsa of the Month and Travel Pants:

The Beadnell
The Beadnell is the classic Barbour waxed coat, with the Olive being the most popular of preferences. Weatherproof from snow and rain, the Beadnell also comes in Navy and Rustic and is lined in a color-coordinating tartan. Wishing for more warmth from winter’s frigid temperatures? We’ve got you covered! The Pink Palm carries the Zip-In Liner in both the fleece-lined and quilted styles.

The Beadnell Polarquilt
Car coat perfection: the Navy Beadnell Polarquilt sports a chic corduroy collar and quintessential Barbour tartan lining. So roll up your sleeves to let that tartan peek!

The Cavalry Polarquilt
Fleece-lined. Need we say more? The Cavalry Polarquilt comes in an array of hues: Dark Brown, Pearl, and Indigo. With a cinched, elastic band waist, this coat has a tailored fit for customers seeking a more slimming style.